Ritewing RC

Zephyr II ARF

All Ritewing "BuiltRight" Z2 AFRs Include:

Zephyr II Kit
Ritewing OEM 1200kv motor
Ritewing OEM 80amp esc
Ritewing OEM digi mg servos
Castle 10amp BEC
Fully Lammed
Aluminum Control Horns
Carbon covered Control Rods
Reinforced Battery Bay
Magnetic Battery and Equipment Bay Doors
Custom made Dual battery XT60 connector

Optionally Installed

Flightcam/GoPro Mount w/bumper:skids
3amp voltage regulator pre adjusted to 12V
IbCrazy Video Power Noise Filter

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    If your looking for a perfect platform to install your FPV gear then you just found it!  The Zephyr II has Stable flight characteristics and a "BuiltRight" build that is purposefully designed to carry your gear.  What is a "BuiltRight" build?  In a nutshell, the BuiltRight Z2 is designed to carry all your gear, maintain it beautiful appearance and be perfectly CG oriented without any fussing about with counterweights. 

    The first step during a BuiltRight build is to create the extra space to place the electronics.  In order to do this custom bays are created in the core of the wings before the 2 halves are spared and joined together.  These bays are strategically placed very near the CG so that as you add your electronics you wont be effecting CG.  There is also a channel already prepared in the reinforced battery bay to run wires to your camera.  Also, in the battery bay is another space provided for the future install of an Autopilot or OSD or anything else you care to place there.  This extra space in the battery bay is also very close to the CG and has a precut tunnel leading to the electronics bay for ease of running wires.

    The next step is paint.  You still need a place to install your VTX and UHF receiver.  Both can easily be installed out on the wings.  Although the paint has a nice look its actually quite minimalist.  Eye catching when in the air, attractive when on the ground but functionally out of the way when it comes to installing your VTX and UHF gear.  Both components will be installed into the White portion of the wing for a clean finish and of course, again, very near the CG keeping the Zephyr II stable and FUSS FREE.

Lastly is placement of Flight cam and GoPro  
Up to this point the Zephyr II is still quite tail heavy.  Install your Flight cam, a GoPro Hero2 or Hero3 in the blunt nose and BINGO!  Shes done.  Drop in 2 3300mAh 4s batteries and you've got a perfectly balanced FPV Zephyr II.  Optional in this build is the camera mount for both GoPro and Flightcam.  The camera mount is sliced into the nose and includes the Ritewing OEM BUMPER/SKIDS installed.  The camera mount is designed to carry either the Hero2 or Hero3 in there protective cases and leaves room for your flight cam to be installed along side.  An opening is provided as well for running the wire to your flight cam.


It took months of building and reconfiguring to come up with a build that I felt looked great and accommodated a full FPV set up maintaining CG and just not looking hacked up.  Once accomplished I stepped back and thought  " Finally, now that's BUILT RIGHT! " 
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